17th 2005


  1. The age of participants should be 18 years and above
  1. Participants are required to display the competitors number given at all  times during duration of the competition.
  1. Participants are prohibited from utilizing any forms of devices except swimming Goggles.
  1. Rescue Boats are on standby to assist in the event of emergencies,
  2. medical first aids personnel are also on standby.
  1. Participant are must respect fundamental ethical principles and to act within the implicit nature and intent of the organizer that is, to always compete/ participate honorably and uphold the principles of  good sportsmanship, fair play and non- discrimination and to behave, in all circumstances, in an appropriate manner.
  1. Participants must not block other competitors or behave in any manner that is deem an act of sabotage. Failure to comply will earn an automatic disqualification.
  1. Any form of protests submitted to the organizers must include a nonrefundable payment of RM100.00
  1. Any decisions taken by the organizers are final.
  1. The organizers will not be held responsible / liable for any properties.
  2. Personnel properties of the participants throughout the competition.
  1. The organisers will not be held responsible ? liable for any any accidents that occurred before, during or after the competition.
  1. The organizers reserve the right to make changes or add to the rules and regulations from time to time.
  1. All participants must sign the indemnity form and attached the form with the entry form.
  1. It is the duty of the participant to ensure that they are medically and physically fit to participate in this event.