Stated below is the General Information on the IGFA Labuan International Game Fishing Tournament to be held during the Labuan International Sea Challenge 2006. 


1.    Date:  24th 30th April 2006

2.    Background of the event:  The Rolex/IGFA is organised by the Labuan Corporation as part of its annual Labuan International Sea Challenge Competition. The event is being co-organised with the Labuan Anglers Association which is a recognised International Game Fishing Association affiliate. This competition is the qualifying round of the Roles/IGFA Tournament.

3.   Competition Venue:   Pulau Layang - Layang, Terumbu Ubi, Terumbu Laya, Terumbu Mantani, Terumbu Siput.

4.   Competition Format: A mothership with the assistance of the Royal Malaysian Navy will escort all the participant boats departing from Labuan in a convoy format to the Layang-Layang Island.  The mothership will be the communication base, first aid station, provide support and act as emergency supply depot for the participants. Media and organisers will be based at the Mother Ship.

5.    Briefing and Registration: All briefing and registration will be at the Labuan International Seasports Complex. All team leaders are required to attend this briefing. Attendance is compulsory.

6.   Participants Boats: The organizer will prepare a list of the boats available for rental to the participants.  The cost of the charter will be at the expense of the participants. The choice of the boat is at the discretion of the participants.

7.    Marshals: Each boat will be assigned a marshal.

8.    Hotels: Participants can make booking for hotel either through the organizers or they can book direct  with the hotels.

9.    Weighing and Display of Catches: The weighing in ceremony will be done at the Labuan International Seasports Complex.

10. Indemnity Form: All participants are required to sign an indemnity release form and acknowledge that they are aware of the inherent risk and are participating at their own free will.

11. Insurance:  All participants are required to purchase their own personal accident insurance.

12. Health: All participants must ensure that they are physically and medically fit to participate in this fishing tournament.


Tournament Co-organiser Contact:
Labuan Anglers Association
Taman Miramar , Jalan Tun Mustapha
      87000  F.T.
Labuan , Malaysia .
      Tel / Fax: 087 417367 ( Domestic Calls )
                    : +6 087 417367 ( International Calls )
      After office hour no: 019 889 6739 / 019 887 6739( Mobile )
      Email: [email protected]