The Story Of Batu Si Bongkok | The Story Of Pulau Mayat | The Legend Of The Tg. Kubong Tunnel

by Mr. Abd. Karim Bin Sulong
Batu Si Bongkok is a large boulder in the shape of a stooping man holding his hands to his chest. This is one of the stories explaining the unusual shape of this rock.

At the foot of a mountain lived Betara Guru, a master of magic and silat, and his beautiful daughter, Melati.

Occasionally, young men seeking to learn from the master would make the long and difficult journey to his cave. One such was Kelana. He proved to be the best of Betara Guru's students so when the young man fell in love with Melati and asked to marry her, he was happy to give his consent.

One month after the wedding Kelana had to go into seclusion to practise some secret magical rituals. Before he left he made Melati swear not to follow him or contact him in any way until he returned. A few days after Kelana's departure, Betara Guru died.

Lonely and longing for her husband Melati forgot her promise. She prepared some food to take to him.

She found him sitting on the ground meditating. As she went to him to give him the food there was a loud clap of thunder. Before her eyes Kelana turned to stone. On sensing her presence he had begun to rise and was frozen forever in that position.


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