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Labuan Town
Labuan, a Federal Territory of Malaysia, is a 92 sq km tropical island located off the northwest coast of Borneo Island, at the mouth of the Brunei Bay. It is a picturesque island endowed with natural splendours.

It has many notable accomplishments like its duty free port status, the International Offshore Financial Centre (IOFC), a world-class fishing destination, exciting wreck dive sites, World War 11 historial importance and also the potential of becoming Asia's most desirable address.

It boasts of a modern satellite telecommunication system and well-developed infrastructure.

Hotel accommodation ranges from the basic budgets to 5-star luxury. Dining is always a pleasure. With fresh seafood, mouth-watering local dishes and international cuisine served, one is spoilt for choice. Same goes for ales and wines.

New ambitious development programmes are underway to transform this island economy into one on par with other Asian business giants in the new millennium.

Labuan is a 'must visit' for those seeking to establish a tax-haven portfolio in Asia. It is also the perfect holiday destination for those yearning something different.

Visit Labuan Any Time Of The Year
Labuan has a typical tropical island climate, with its monsoon seasons. It is balmy throughout the year. It is free from typhoons or damaging tropical storms. Clear waters around invite year-long skiing, sailing, diving and fishing.

Easy Accessibility
Its close proximity to major shipping and air routes make Labuan island one of the most easily accessible destinations in Asia.

Advance Telecommunication System
State-of-the-art Satellite Telecommunication The island boasts a state-of-the-art satellite communication system. Two computerised exchanges with a capacity for 16,000 lines connect Labuan via voice, text, video and data to 217 countries and major global communication networks around the world. There is a full range of telecommunication facilities such as telephones, cellular mobile service, intelsat business satellite services, cable, telex, telefax, data and integrated service digital network (ISDN) which allows video conferencing, high speed fax and multimedia applications. Other services include Centrex, Digitaline, high speed international private leased circuits and VSATs.

Cultural Diversity
More than 60 percent of the 75,500 local population comprises of Brunei Malays and Kedayan with Chinese, Indian and others making up the rest.

Business Friendly Environment
The island has a progressive local government which is one of the most efficient in Malaysia. This is attributable to its status as a federal territory of Malaysia. This is the result of a 1984 political delineation which conceded the island a high degree of administrative autonomy at par with any of the thirteen states in Malaysia.

The main local authority on the island is the Labuan Development Authority. It was established in August 1992 to coordinate and expedite the overall development of Labuan in all aspects of economic, infrastructure, political and social endeavour.

The island has a thriving economy that evolves round oil and gas, offshore banking, ship building, manufacturing, tourism and education.

Duty Free Shopping
This is one of Labuan's known attractions. Its modern shopping centres carry a wide range of locally-produced as well as imported goods.

Most popular are spirits and tobacco, textiles and appliances. Every end of the year, the island hosts a month-long shopping carnival with attractive discounts. Cultural shows add to the excitement.

International Offshore Financial Centre (IOFC)
Pulau Labuan is Asia's newest international offshore financial centre. The 65 foreign banks operating on the island offer sophisticated offshore banking services and numbered accounts facilities to the world's rich and famous.

World Class Sport Fishing Destination
Pulau Labuan is surrounded by six smaller islands namely Pulau Kuraman, Pulau Daat, Pulau Rusukan Besar, Pulau Rusukan Kecil, Pulau Papan and Pulau Burong. The blue clear water around these idyllic islands is home to one of the world's richest coral and fishing grounds which offers unlimited deep sea tackling and coastal table-fish catches.

Wreck - Diving
Pulau Labuan has one of the best wreck diving sites in Asia. There are four wreck sites on the island's locally known as The "Australian" Wreck, The "American" Wreck, The "Blue Water" Wreck and The "Cement" Wreck.

World War II Sites
Pulau Labuan is a significant historical destination particularly from the time of World War II. The Labuan War Memorial, Allied Landing Point and Japanese Surrender Park are three major World War II sites attracting foreign and local visitors alike. A "Remembrance Day" is held every November at the WW II Memorial to honour the 3,900 recorded graves of Fallen Heroes of World War II. This event is attended by Malaysian and foreign war veterans and family members of the Allied soldiers killed in action during the war between 1942 and 1945.

A Meeting, Incentive, Conference And Exhibition Centre
Labuan has all the facilities to host the above events. The Financial Park has a convention hall with a 1,800 seating capacity and the bigger hotels have multi-purpose and banquet halls. The prospects of good shopping, delicious food, interesting tours, watersports and exciting night-life are plus points towards making Labuan an exciting MICE destination.

International Sea Sport Events
Besides the various activities already mentioned, Labuan also hosts the International Sea Challenge in May every year which comprises of three events - the Underwater Treasure Hunt, Jet Sport Challenge and Big Game Fishing Tournament.

A Deep Sea Port
Its unusually deep bay provides ideal conditions for very large vessels to anchor. This further enhances its potential as a ship bunkering and integrated port.

Island Beautiful
The Federal Government of Malaysia is committed to the development of the island of Labuan, keeping in line with its objectives to make the island a major tourist destination besides its status as International Offshore Financial Centre.


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