The Story Of Batu Si Bongkok | The Story Of Pulau Mayat | The Legend Of The Tg. Kubong Tunnel

by Ms. Norhayati Binti Razali
Pulau Mayat is one of the small islands of Labuan. It is said to resemble two human bodies lying side by side.

Once, a long time ago, on Labuan, two young people fell in love. Their parents objected to the relationship and refused to allow them to marry.

The couple, unable to bear the thought of life apart decided to elope. But before they could carry out their plan they were found out and banished from their village. Bitter at the injustice of this, the two young people vowed that if they ever should return something dreadful would happen to them. After many difficulties and adjustments to the world outside their village, the two prospered and their love for each other did not fade over the years.

But as they grew older they began to think of the village they left so long ago and a longing grew in them to see it just once more. Finally, forgetting the curse and the circumstances of their departure they set off for their village.

They were almost within sight of it when a storm blow up and the boat they were travelling on was tossed about by huge waves. The couple's body were flung onto two small islands. Over the centuries these islands took the forms of a man and a woman. Finally they joined together forming the shape that can still be seen today.


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