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The Labuan International School
Labuan International School
The Labuan International School in its idyllic setting, located not far from Financial Park Labuan is transforming into an innovative education center.

To residents in Labuan, both expatriate and local, the Labuan International School (LIS) has achieved new standards since being taken over by the Labuan Offshore Financial Services Authority (LOFSA). The LIS is a critical element in the overall development plan to build infrastructure for the Labuan island to support, amongst others the offshore industry. LOFSA is determined and committed to turn the school into an innovative educational center.

LIS currently has 137 students studying in various levels, i.e., Manjaria Kindergarden for students between 4 and 6 years old, Sekolah Sri Labuan a Private School offering Malaysian KBSR curriculum and an International School offering international curriculum at primary level. The newly appointed Principal for LIS, Mr. T.A. Nathan, a well-known teacher, is optimistic that LIS will be the school in Labuan. He said, ģLIS, staffed with dedicated teachers has created a high learning, challenging and yet friendly environment for the students. The students of the school are encouraged to think creatively and reason critically. At the same time, the need to inculcate moral values is not forgotten and emphasis is also given to moral and spiritual development of the studentsī. Mr. Nathan said that much more can be done to ensure that LIS is elevated to a higher level of success.

The facilities that are available in the School range from newly renovated air-conditioned classrooms, a resource centre equipped with computers & a well-stocked library, canteen, playing field, playground for kindergarden students, a school hall and security throughout schooling hours. In the near future, the kindergarden will be moved to a new building adjacent to the main building as part of the reorganisation plan for the LIS to enhance the educational program and meet the needs and comforts of the students. The ratio of student-teacher per class is low to allow personalised attention and coaching for the students.

Mr. Nathan added, ģThe LIS aims not only for academic excellence but also achievements in the co-curricular activities such as taekwondo, swimming, music, scouting, computer club and even golf. By conducting such activities, the students are trained and taught to become all-round individual rather than being mere academicsī.

The near-double increase in the total number of students, both local and foreign, from 72 in 1998 to 137 in the academic year 2000 is an encouraging indication that the school is moving positively in line with its aspiration to be one of the main educational centers in Labuan.
Inside The School Compound


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