Customs Duties (Exemption) Order 1988
Passengers or Tourist must stay in Labuan F.T. at least 24 hours (with proof)

Allowed to bring:-
1.1 Wine, spirit or malt liquor not exceeding 1 litre in all.
1.2 Tobacco not exceeding 200 cigarettes.
1.3 Talc, soaps and dentrifices to a total value not exceeding RM200.00.
1.4 Wearing apparel not exceeding 3 pieces.
1.5 Footwear not exceeding one pair.
1.6 Portable electrically and battery operated appliances for personal care and hygiene not exceeding 1 unit each.
1.7 Dutiable food preparations to a total not exceeding RM75.00.
1.8 Souvenirs and gifts on any dutiable items except item 1.1, 1.2, 1.4, 1.5, tyres and tubes to a total value not exceeding RM500.00.
1.9 Portable goods and equipment brought in by tourist/foreign journalist for personal use during the stay in Malaysia and to be re-exported.

Butiran 141, Perintah Duti Kastam (Pengecualian) 1988 (Malaysia Assemble)
Berkuatkuasa Mulai 06. Disember 1990
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
No. Person Exempted Goods Exempted Conditions
141 Owner One passenger motor i. That the motor vehicle is identified to the satisfaction of the proper officer or customs;

ii. That the motor vehicle was assembled in the PCS;

iii. That the said vehicle is for personal use and not for commercial use;

iv. That the motor vehicle has been registered in owners name in Labuan or Langkawi for a period not less than 6 months.

v. That the owner of the motor vehicle has transfered his resident from Labuan or Langkawi to the PCA;

vi. That the owner of the motor vehicle has been a resident in Labuan or Langkawi for more than one year;

vii. That the owner will not dispose off the said motor vehicle within 6 months from the date of payment of import duty; and

viii. That the owner pays import duty at the rate specified below:-

(a) Not Exceeding $25,000.00 - 50%
(b) $25,001.00 - 30,000.00 - 55%
(c) $30,001.00 - $35,000.00 - 60%
(d) $35,001.00 - $40,000.00 - 65%
(e) Exceeding $40,000.00 - 75%
Certificate to be signed by the Owner

Butiran 21A, Perintah Duti Kastam (Pengecualian) 1988
(Eksport Sementara Kenderaan dari W.P. Labuan ke Kawasan Utama Kastam)
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5)
No. Person Exempted Goods Exempted Conditions
21A The Driver/Rider One motor vehicle of any description or one motor cycle registered in and transported from Labuan or Langkawi and subsequently returned to Labuan or Langkawi i. That the motor vehicle/motor cycle has been registered by the by the authority responsible for registering or licensing the motor vehicle/motor cycle;

ii. That the motor vehicle/motor cycle is registered by the proper officer of custom at Labuan or Langkawi at the time of transportation.

iii. The motor vehicle/motor cycle may only be landed at customs port in the principal customs area;

iv. That the motor vehicle/motor cycle remain in the principal custom's area for an aggregate of not more than 30 days in any one year.

v. That immediately on its return from the principal customs area the motor vehicle/motor cycle shall be produced to the proper officer of customs at Labuan or Langkawi.

vi. That security as determined by the Director General is furnished to Customs for the return of motor vehicle/motor cycle to Labuan or Langkawi.
Certificate to be signed by the Driver/Rider

Customs (Prohibition of Imports) order 1988
Part 1 / First Schedule (Paragraph 2-Absolute Prohibition)
(1) (2) (3)
Item No. Description of goods (Country)
1. All goods ... ... ... ... ... Any territory administered by Israel
2. Any article bearing the imprint or reproduction of any currency note, bank note coin which are current or have at any time been issued or current in any country All countries
3. [Deleted: P.U. (A) 321 / 1990]  
4. Any emblem or device in circumstances which raises a reasonable presumption that such an emblem or device was intended or was likely to be used in a manner prejudicial to the interest of the Federation or to promote or foster a purpose prejudicial to or imcompatible with peace, welfare or good order in the Federation ... All countries
5. Indecent or obscene print, painting, photograph, book, card, lithographic or other engraving, film, video tape, laser disc, colour slides, computer diskette and any other media (including unprocessed film) or any other indecent or obscene articles... All countries [Am: P.U. (A) 322/1992
6. Cloth bearing the imprint or reproduction of any verses of the Quran .. . . .. .. All countries
7. Daggers and flick knives .. .. .. .. All countries
8. Broadcast receivers capable of receiving radio, communication within the ranges (68-87) MHz and (108-174) MHz except those designed to receive meteorological broadcasts at spot frequencies (except those for the use of the telecommunication authority) .. .. .. .. All countries
9. Intoxicating liquors containing any lead or compound of lead of more than 3.46 milligrams per litre, whether in the form of copper or any compound of copper .. .. All countries
10. Sodium arsenite .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. All countries
11. Coral alive or dead except those which have been processed and used as jewellery .. .. .. All countries
12. All genus of Piranha fish .. .. All countries
13. Turtle eggs ... ... ... ... ... All countries
14. Cocoa pods, rambutan, pulasan, longan and namnam fruits produced in the countries specified under column (3) .. .. .. .. .. Philippines and Indonesia
15. Pens, pencils and others articles resembling syringes [Ins: P.U. (A) 322 / 1992] All countries
16. Poisonous Chemicals as listed below
i. Crocid olite
ii. Polybrominated Biphenyls
iii. Polychlorinated Biphenyls iv) Polychlorinated Terphenyls v) Tris (2,3 - dibromopropyl) Phosphate (Pin - no. 8, 1994 - 9hb 6. 1994) - P.U. (A) 408 (87)
17. All Goods (P.U. (A) 408/87 - 9/1994 HAITI

Goods the Export of which is absolutely Prohibited
(1) (2) (3)
Item No. Description of goods (Country)
1. All goods ... ... ... ... ... Any territory administered by Israel
2. Coral alive or dead except coral that has been processed and used as jewellery. All countries
3. Turtle eggs All countries
4. Rattan from Peninsular Malaysia only, except those falling under subheading numbers 1401.20910 and 1401 20920 All countries


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