An investor who intends to participate in the business or industry sector will be involved with a number of activities that requires his attention when establishing and operating a business or enterprise.

In undertaking these activities, an investor will have to deal with relevant government agencies to obtain specific approvals, permits or licences in accordance with certain legal requirements in Malaysia

The purpose of this chapter is to facilitate easy reference to information required by a prospective investor, with respect to major activities involved in establishing and operating a business enterprise and types of licensing under the purview of respective agencies responsible for the processing of applications for approvals and licences. In this regard, general licensing requirements for business / enterprise and specific licensing required for a few industries such as housing industry, tourism industry, supermarket and retail businesses and freight forwarder service operations are identified.

In addition to the above, information on the incentives available to investors in the manufacturing sector, agricultural sector and tourism sector is provided. However, the list of activities, licensing requirements and incentives are not exhaustive as they are subject to changes from time to time in line with prevailing conditions and demands.

Major Activities In Establishing And Operating A Business / Industry
The major activities as illustrated in the following pages are generic to all types of business / industry. The initial stage covers activities such as registration of the company / business; feasibility study on environmental impact (for 19 prescribed activities) or on the suitability of land; and preliminary licensing under the Industrial Coordination Act 1975.

When the proposal for project is approved, the investor will proceed to initiate the project and look into activities such as acquisition of land whether industrial or non-industrial in nature; construction of building; supply of utilities such as electricity, water and telecommunication facilities.

For the operation of the business or industry, attention needs to be focussed on activities such as manpower employment which includes the workers' welfare, industrial hygiene and workers' competency; installation and operation of machines and equipment; pollution control of air, water, noise and soil; management of imports and exports (prohibited goods) and protection of intellectual and industrial property and consumers' protection.


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