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Island & Beaches

Layang-Layang Island

Layang - Layang Island or “Swallow Reefs” is an oceanic atoll, which lies about 300km North of Labuan near the famous Spratly group of islands. It is a world class diving and fishing paradise. Some rate it as a ‘Big Fish and Wall Diving Mecca of Southeast Asia’. Its coral walls plunge a staggering 2000 meters down to the floor of the South China Sea. Its warm waters are crystal clear with visibility averaging 60 meters, giving divers a clear view of the amazing underwater world. Large shoals of pelagic, including massive numbers of barracuda, jacks, and the hammerhead shark frequent these waters. By one tour operator account, an awesome school of hammerhead sharks numbering a hundred regularly visit Layang - Layang. Manta Rays with fin spans of over 10 feet are also found here. Other residents include the Napoleon Wrasse, Hawksbill turtles, Dog Tooth Tuna, Giant Hammerhead Wrasse and the White Tip Reef Sharks.

The atoll has a 1,067 meters airstrip and comfortable 90 rooms of three star resort. Every room is air conditioned with private amenities and comes equipped with TV, fridge, extra size beds and private oceanfront balcony. There is a 200 seats restaurant, full service PADI dive centre, a free form water pool and souvenir shop. This is every serious diver and angler’s ‘must visit’ island.

Papan Island

Of all the small islands around Labuan, this is the most developed. It has an old colonial light house on it. It is a popular weekend getaway for families and visitors from Brunei, where they can picnic, swim and snorkel. Fishing is also allowed on this island. Chalets are available for rent, but many prefer camping in tents.

Kuraman Island

Pulau Kuraman is by far the most developed islet in the Marine Park. It has a jetty and a few units of chalets. Plans are underway to upgrade the facilities on this island.

Rusukan Besar Island

This island is still densely forested and is perfect for picnic, swimming and snorkeling.

Rusukan Kecil Island

This is a beautiful, quiet and un-spoilt island. It has no development on it and is perfect for camping.

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