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Homestay Village Bukit Kuda (Feel Like Coming Home)


Kampung Bukit Kuda, Labuan
Labuan, Malaysia

013 - 851 1907 (Haji Mustaffa Tangkim) OR 012 - 828 9158 (En. Madzan Hj. Yunus)

Bukit Kuda Village (Kampung Bukit Kuda) sits next to Labuan's largest natural reservoir - the Bukit Kuda dam, which supplies the island with most of its fresh drinking water.

The village has ...

Homestay Village Sg. Labu (Clean, Alluring and Fun)


Kampung Sungai Labu
Labuan, Malaysia

016 - 804 1147 (Tn. Hj. Hashim Abdullah) OR 016 - 843 0172 (Puan Siti Rahmah Hj. Ali)

Kampung Sungai Labu is quiet and peaceful coastal village that lies on the west coast of Labuan Island. This picturesque village fringes pristine beach cove and white sandy beaches.

It ...

Homestay Water Village Patau-Patau 2 (Water Village in the City)


Kampung Patau-Patau 2
Labuan, Malaysia

012 - 836 3403 (Tuan Hj. Sulaiman Wan Chi) & 016 - 842 4981 (Encik Ardilah Arsat)

The well known Kampung Patau-Patau 2 is one of the last remaining traditional water villages in Malaysia. The villagers are mostly Brunei-Malays who make up about half of Labuan's Muslim population. Traditionally, these people were fishermen, sailors ...

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