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Sport Fishing

The rich marine life in the waters off Labuan Island attract many sport fishing enthusiasts for year round fishing. Tuna, dorado, mackeral, black marlin and sailfish feed on abundant food brought by warm ocean currents from the surrounding sea. Coastal fishing around the coral reefs and bottom structures off Labuan yield coral trout, grouper and red snapper. The mangrove swamps are rich in barramundi, mangrove jacks and terpon.


Sport Fishing
Eco Diving
Eco Diving

The marine park situated 2 kilometers off the southern coast of Labuan main island is an eco-diving and snorkeling haven. The three secluded islets are surrounded by fringing coral reefs which make it a veritable snorkellers paradise. Snorkellers can enjoy the reefs everywhere. Sign up for a course of instruction or take part in one of the parkÝs guided snorkeling excurisions. Learn about the wonderful creatures you will be visiting on your next sorkel trip.


The clear waters and colourful coral reefs off the island make for fantastic snorkeling. Brightly- coloured fishes dart through the living underwater garden and snorkelers will be mesmerised by the ever-changing scenery in front of them. Snorkeling gear may be hired from hotel leisure centres.


Wreck Diving

Four wrecks await exploration by diving enthusiasts. The Australian Wreck lies southwest of Pulau Rusukan Besar about 23 meters from Labuan. Experienced divers will enjoy exploring the interior of this wreck.

The American Wreck lies southeast of Pulau Rusukan Kecil, 1.4 km from the Australian Wreck. It was formerly the USS Salute, a US Navy mine sweeper which went down in 1945.

The Blue Water Wreck is located northeast of Pulau Kuraman, 34 km from Labuan. The clear waters in which it lies provide the best visibility of all the wrecks.

The Cement Wreck ˝ This freighter was transporting cement to Brunei for the SultanÝs new palace when it hit the Semarang Bank and sank. It lies east of Pulau Kumaran, 21km from Labuan and sits on the sea bed in an upright position.

Dinghy Sailing

The marine park is sheltered from rough seas but with a good constant offshore wind which is perfect for dinghy sailing. There are plenty of sailing opportinities both for novices and advance sailors.



Jet Ski

Also known as personal water craft (PWC), jet-skis are fast gaining popularity. Jet-ski tours are organised by various tour operators and can last up to 3 hours. They pass along the Menumbok River as well as circle around Labuan island. There is also the Annual Jet Ski.

Challenge and other privately organised races. Crafts may be rented by the hour from the Labuan Water Sports Centre.
Sea Snake Watching

Just five minutes boat ride from Pulau Kuraman is a little reef atoll which is home to hundreds of sea snakes. The most commonly seen is the sea krait with its distinctive black and white markings which make them a beautiful and dramatic sight.





Kayaking in the waters off the island is available through the Manikar Beach Resort. It has both single and double Kayaks for hire.
Proboscis Monkey

Proboscis monkey (Nasalis Larvatus) is one of the largest monkeys in the world and is found in coastal swamp forests of Borneo. The male proboscis monkey with its long and pendulous nose and an outsized stomach has a harem of up to 10 females attracted by his weird good looks. It feeds mainly on leaves and seeds from a variety of trees. You can catch a glimpse of these elusive monkeys on the river banks of Menumbok which is only 20 minutes boat ride from Labuan. Contact Labuan Water Sports Centre Tel: 087-411475 for a special Proboscis Monkey cruise.


Horse Riding

Horse Riding

The Labuan Horse-riding Center is presently the only pony and horse-riding facility available on the island which caters to the public.

The many sandy beaches and kilometres of open country roads offer hours of pleasurable riding. It is definitely a unique way of going sight-seeing.

The center offers various rides like the Layangan Beach ride and Paddock ride. They also offer riding lessons and horse hire. They are located next to Taman Damai at Kg. Layang-Layangan. Tel: 087-466828


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