Date : 1st February 2005   

Venue: Labuan International Seasports Complex

Federal Territory Day in Labuan will be celebrated with a " Federal Territory Day 2005  Beach Festival" This festival will feature a host of events for the public and invited guest to participate and win attractive prizes. The events are as follow:-
* Labuan Canoe Race ( Lumba Sampan Labuan )
* Canoe "TUG OF WAR"
* Beach Fishing
* Jetski Race ( Slalom )
* Beach Volleyball ( Men and Women Category )
* Beach Fiesta - Land Fishing, Beach Bowling, Umang Race, Batu Ladung, Weight guessing
   and Batu Ladung Throwing.

Important Note

 Participation Forms are available at:

Labuan Tourism Action Council Office
Labuan International Seasports Complex
Jalan Tanjung Purun, F.T. Labuan
Tel: 087 422622  Fax: 087 419622