1.             Fishing Competition commences at 1000hrs on 4th May ’04 and closes at 1000hrs on 7th may ’04 for the final registration and competition briefing.

2.             Competition area will be 3 miles off Terumbu Layang-Layang to terumbu Laya (Dallas Reef) and Terumbu Ubi (Ardarsier Shoals).

3.             Entrance fees will be RM380 per person which will include subscription to IGFA for the Rolex IGFA- Labuan International Tournament 2004.

4.             There will be two categories, Individual and Team

5.             Each Team will have a maximum of six crew members. (Lesser number of members making up a team are acceptable but at the detriment of the team itself).

6.             Each participant is entitled to submit 1 fish for each category. (A total of 2 fishes for the competition).

7.             The prizes will be awarded based on the heaviest fish for the individual event and the heaviest total weight for the team event.

8.             Minimum weigh in size for Marlin will be 60kgs and 30kgs for Sailfish and Spearfish. Minimum weigh in size for sharks will be 70kgs. (Any Teams or individuals found in possession of fishes smaller that the specified weight will be liable for disqualification at the discretion of the organizers). A rough field guideline for estimation of weight for Marlins and Sharks will be 10kgs per foot of fish and for Sail and Spearfishes will be based on 5kg per foot of fish.

9.             Billfishes and Sharks will not eligible to be weighed in for the team events. These fishes will only be eligible for the individual events. No Rays are allowed to be weighed in.

10.         All participants are requested to take a photo of the fishes they wish to enter it for the competition. The fish must be alive either  in the water or on the deck. The responsibility of proof will be on the participant should there be a protest lodged against him/her.

11.         It is the responsibility of the participants to ensure proper tags are attached to the fishes.

12.         Fishes caught by other people than the participants of the tournament, fishes caught with nets, spear fishing, poisons, bombs, long lines, foul hooking or any other methods not approved by IGFA will not be eligible for weigh in.

13.         Fishes weighed in for the tournament will be disposed at the discretion of the judges.

14.         There will be a panel of 3 judges. Their decisions will be final.

15.         Participants will choose the boats they wish to charter for the competition. The cost of the boat charter will be borne by the participants. The organizers could recommend boats available for rental when requested.

16.         There may be more than one team sharing a boat, if the vessel is licensed to carry the number of people. Teams consisting of less than 6 persons are also acceptable but each member will only be allowed to weigh in 2 fishes (one for team event and the other for individual event). The consent of the tournament organizers must be received prior to the competition date.

17.         Private boats are allowed to be used in the tournament, but all fishing must be done from 1 boat at any time.

18.         Participants wishing to bring in their own boat must provide the organizers with 4 photos of the boat (2 fronts and 2 side view) and 4 passports (Foreigners). Any processing cost will be bourn by the participants.

19.         Rental of boats in the catalogue distributed by the organizers will be on a “first come first serve basis”. 50% deposits will be required to secure the booking.

20.     All participants are expected to have their own safety gear. Participants without a safety jacket will not be allowed on the vessels.

21. Each vessel will have a marshal on board. He will act as the representative of the tournament organisers on board. He has the final say on all matters pertaining to safety. He also trained in first aid and radio communications. In addition to the officials, observers will be randomly allocated to vessels for IGFA rules adherence purposes. 

22.     The captain of the vessels has the final say and full authority when it comes to matters concerning the vessels. Participants will not try to influence or over ride the decision of the captain at anytime during the competition.

23.     It will be the responsibility of every participant to ensure that no non bio-degradable rubbish is thrown into the sea. All the participants on board the vessels will be disqualified from the competition if rubbish is found to have been thrown over board.

24.     All participants must be present at the weigh- in station at Water Sports Complex to witness the weighing in of their fish. Participants will be required to personally acknowledge the official weight of the fishes.

25.     Cut off time for weighing in fishes will be 1300hrs. If the owner of the fish is not at the designated site by the cut off time, the fish will be withdrawn from the competition.

26.     All the protests must be lodged officially via protest forms available at the weigh-in booth on 8th May 2004. There will be a charge of RM100.00 per protest. Any protest lodged after 1400hrs will not be entertained.

27.     The organisers will not be responsible for the safety, damages and expenses to the participants resulting from the competition.

28.     IGFA rules will be applied to this competition.

29.     Closing date for the competition will be as per entry form.

30.     All participants are required to sign an indemnity form.