Lumba Sampan Nusantara
is the a new event in the Labuan International Sea Challenge 2004. The event is a canoe race over a distance of 1 kilometer with a crew of 8 rowers which has it's origins from the Pontianak region of Kalimantan Borneo where the race is held in the Sambas River, a major event in that region attracting participants from Sarawak , Brunei and as far away as Singapore . However for the event to be held in Labuan , modifications have to be made to the canoe to race in sea conditions. Witness this exciting Borneo Canoe Race in Labuan.....

Date of event  :   7 8 May 2004

Venue             :   Off Labuan International Seasports Complex


1st  Prize  - RM5,000.00 + Trophy + Medal and Challenge Trophy

 2nd Prize -  RM3,000.00 + Trophy + Medal  

 3rd Prize -  RM2,000.00  + Trophy + Medal  

4th Prize  -  RM1,000.00  + Medal  

5th Prize  -   RM800.00    + Medal  

6th Prize  -    RM500.00   + Medal

Participation Fees

1.  Schools, Public and Private Institutions RM 50.00 per team

2.  All Other teams                                              - RM 100.00 per team 

      Participation fee must be enclosed with the registration form

Rules & Regulations

  1. The maximum number in a team is 12 persons, divided into 8 rowers and
    4 reserve.
  2. Team must have a team leader
  3. Canoe and Paddles will be provided by the organisers. Competitors are prohibited from using their own paddles.
  4. Team members are solely responsible to check and ensure that their canoe and paddles are in good working conditions.
  5. A draw will  be conducted to for the heat races.
  6. All races will be conducted as per race program, however the race organisers reserve the right to change the program.
  7. A draw will be conducted to determine the canoe assignments and lane. The draw will be conducted on the day of the event.
  8. All competitors are required to be at the designated venue for identification, final briefing prior to the actual race by the race officials/marshals. Failure to observe this rule will result in disqualification.
  9. For the start of the race, All competitors are required to be at their respective canoe, on the count of one and two, competitors are required to raise their paddles and at the count of three to start paddling.   
  10. In all the race, competitors are required to follow the lane they are assigned to from start to finish. Failure to stay in the lane will result in disqualification.
  11. In the event that any of competitor canoe are blocked, starting marshal will file a report to the Race Officials Committee which will convened to decide whether to have the race restart.
  12. All team leaders are required to register all his team members and a competitor can only register for one team.

For more information and to register, please contact -

Miss Juliana Isnin
Labuan International Sea Challenge 2004
P.O.Box 235, 87008. F.T. Labuan
Tel: 6 087 422622  Fax: 6 087 419622
e mail: [email protected]