The 11th Annual Labuan Underwater Treasure Hunt is to be held from 1st - 2nd of May 2004, off the beach near the Labuan International Seasports Complex.  Just like last year, there are prizes to be found underwater and tokens to collect for grand prizes to be given away. There is one dive each day which lasts a maximum of 60 minutes with depths no deeper than 12 metres ( 40 feet ). All dive teams line up along the water's edge and flag off to go into the sea at the same time. They will find as many tokens and/or prizes as possible within 60 minutes.

As in the previous year, the border of the actual Hunt area will also be marked underwater. Prizes will be put underwater and the number of underwater prizes to be won by any one person is limited to two.  Also, the underwater prizes will not count as points toward the other prizes; only the number of tokens found will be counted for the points.

Prizes found will be awarded on the spot after all contestants are out of the water. All prizes to be given for point value (Including the Grand Cash Prize) will be given away at the Prize Giving Ceremony.

Entrance fee for each diver is US$10.00 (RM40.00). Scuba Tanks and weights will  be provided but divers must bring other gears needed. Limited rental gear will be available. Transports to the Labuan International SeaSports Complex will also be provided from any hotel in Labuan town.

Prizes worth over US$5000.00 (RM$20,000.00) will be put underwater to be won.


1st Prize RM3,000.00 ( Cash Prize + Trophy )

2nd Prize RM 2,000.00 ( Cash Prize + Trophy )

3rd Prize RM1,000.00 ( Cash Prize + Trophy )

   For more information, please contact:
Labuan Tourism Action Council
P.O.Box 235, 87008, FT Labuan, Malaysia Tel: 087 422622   Fax: 087 419622
E Mail: [email protected] Contact Person : Roland Ng


Borneo Divers and Seasports Sdn Bhd
P.O.Box 80650, 87016 FT Labuan, Malaysia
Tel: 087 415867  Fax: 087 413454 / 410963 Contact Person : Mr. Randy Davies

For those interested in participating,
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