Saturday, 2nd February, 2002
MP: Labuan's Tourism Rests On Everyone
By Sohan Das

Labuan: Labuan Tourism Council (LTC) Chairman Datuk Suhaili Abdul Rahman warned that all promotions undertaken by Labuan Corporation (LC) and the millions of ringgit spent by the Government to beautify the island would be "cancelled" if the private sector and individuals were not serious in attracting tourists.

Speaking at the countdown for the 18th Federal Territory Day celebrations at the Labuan Squre here on Thursday night, Suhaili who is also the MP for the island said:

"The responsibility of tourism development does not the experience they had here. Beautiful landscapes and splendid infrastructure are also helpful but dirty restaurants, overpriced products and unfriendly behaviour would turn them away," he stressed.

"What is even worse is they would go around telling their bad experience to others and this would further affect the island," he said.

Suhaili said water village residents, contractors and individuals should show greater responsibility and ensure whatever had been built by the Government are not marred by their uncaring attitude.

He said the rampant throwing of rubbish could choke up the drains, resulting in unnecessary flash floods.

On LC, Suhaili said it should at all times strive to provide excellent services because the expectations of the public are higher these days.