Friday, 1st March, 2002
MP Wants Anti - Drugs Panel In All Villages
By Sohan Das

Labuan: Member of Parliament Datuk Suhaili Abdul Rahman wants a special "anti - drugs committee" to be established in all the 24 villages here to monitor the involvement of kampung boys in the drug menace.

"We have to be realistic and eradicate the problem before it gets out of control," he said.

He said the kampung - based committees should be well - placed to gather information on the drug abuse situation in the villages and serve as a feedback to police for futher action.

He said this during a K3P patriotic songs competition, organised by the Information Department, Labuan Corporation and the MP's office, held at Kg Sungai Labu.

Suhaili said the Government had declared drug abuse as the Number One enemy of the country and the problem was rampant almost everywhere.

"To get rid of the menace, we need cooperation from everyone. Parents should no longer connive at the erratic behaviour of their children. If they find something amiss, they should report to the special committee," he added.

Suhaili said all the physical development on the island would be less meaningful and beneficial if it was not accompanied by moral development of the younger generation.

Speaking to about 3,000 people who were present for the occasion and to watch performances by two well-known national artistes - Uji Rashid and Hail Amir - Suhaili who is also K3P Labuan Chairman warned that the majority of Labuan residents were youngsters and represented the island's future.

"If more and more local youngsters take to glue - sniffing, Syabu and cough syrup, the island's future would be a sad one," he pointed out.

Later, Suhaili presented a RM1,000 cash prize to the winner of the competition - Hamdan Ismail.

he runners-up were Mh Zaidi Md Zakaria (RM700) and Salfarina ag Taib (RM500).

Three others who won consolation prizes of RM100 each were Chuming Karia, Hasnah Sahat and Taib Daud.

Among those present were wife of MP Datin Fatimah Wanchi and Information Department Director here, Sabariah Mohd Nor.