Monday, 28th April, 2003



Go on vacation within country,
urges Kadir


Daily Express



KUALA LUMPUR: Culture, Arts and Tourism Minister Datuk Paduka Abdul Kadir Sheik Fadzir Sunday urged Malaysians to go on vacation within the country to help the local tourist industry.

He said if Malaysians gave their support the domestic tourist industry had a bright chance of recovering from its present downturn within a short period.

"Malaysians are in fact not vacationing except to balik kampung during the festive occasion... they are important in life and its not a waste of money" he told reporters after opening the general meeting of the Malaysia Budget Hotel Association at the Malaysia Tourism Centre here.

On the Student Tourism Programme organised by his ministry, Abdul Kadir said the programme needed everyone's cooperation to ensure students had a worthwhile programme.

"At present most parents have te means to send their children on school or college arranged excursions but teachers should take the initiative to ensure such visits are beneficial, "he said.

He said at present there were more than 100 tour packages which the school authorities could choose excursions.

Opening the meeting, he said the association was set up to safeguard the interest of small hotels such as two stars ones who as these could promote domestics tourism.

He said state tourism action councils were also set up to help budget hotels and also to monitor their service.

"All budget hotels should at least satisfy the stipulated minimum requirements such as good quality service and keeping their premises clean. If they cannot even meet these minimum requirements the their licenses will withdrawn as provided for in the Tourism Industry Act 2002,"he said.