Formerly known as Victoria town, Bandar Labuan today is a bustling business center with strikingly modern office and shopping complexes rising around picturesque postwar architecture.

Downtown Labuan
Downtown are pedestrian areas to relax. Wrought iron seats and ornamental lamp posts, together with flowering plants and shrubs make a pretty sight. There are many eating places which specialize in Malay, Chinese or Indian food, as well as popular fast food outlets.

The busy waterfront area is always a hive of activity. Here are landing berths, as well as the Customs and Immigration departments. The barter trade is carried out in this area and glass noodles seem to be a very popular item with the Filipino barter traders.

The main thoroughfare in downtown Labuan is Jalan Merdeka. At the eastern end of this main road are the Sheraton Hotel, Waterfront Financial hotels and the soaring Financial Park complex.

Sharing the downtown Labuan skyline is the Masjid Jamek An'nur, a huge Muslim mosque of futuristic design with two minarets reaching for the skies.



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