The Marine Museum is one of the components of the Labuan International Water Sports Complex, a newly-opened, internationally-recognized recreation and water sports center.

Collections and Galleries
The Marine Museum will focus on marine life around Labuan Federal Territory, namely Labuan and generally Borneo. It is housed in shell-shaped, two-storey building and is divided into 16 galleries. It starts from general information on marine life in Labuan waters, Labuanís advantages as a marine kingdom or marine paradise followed by expositions on the marine lifeís habitats (swampy habitat, seashore habitat, coral reef habitat ans sea/ocean habitat), fishing activities and lastly research results and publications related to Labuan fishing activities.

Also created is a discovery room specially geared towards chilrenís education. The objective is to turn Marine Museum into a scientific reference center as well as to educate visitors on the importance of preserving and appreciation of natureís gift (the doís and donítís aspects). Exhibition items will cover live specimens and preserved species of fish, sea corals, snails and moluscs, reptiles and zoo planktons, sea plants, artifacts from shipwrecks, sea research through the aquarium method, touch-pool, video wall, graphics, models, posters and charts.

Labuan International Water Sports Complex, Jalan Tanjung Purun, 87008 Labuan
Tel : +6087 414 462
Fax : +6087 414 462

Day and Time to Visit
Opens daily from 9 a.m. - 6 p.m.

Entrance Fee

Located 10 minutes drive from the nearest lodging facilities, Hotel Waterfront and Hotel Sheraton, and can be visited by boarding bus #1 from City Center.

Other Facilities
spacious parking space outside of complex, muslim prayer room, recreational and picnic area, mini parks, observation tower, marina, fast-food outlets, food stalls and souvenir stores



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