An'Nur Jamek Mosque

The An’Nur Jamek Mosque, featuring futuristic architecture, is the pride of Labuan’s Muslim and symbolises the progressive spirit of the people and island of Labuan.

Chinese Temple

This Chinese temple is one of the many Chinese “Tao” temples on the island. Most of them are built by the Hokkien community. Every year in March, the Hokkien community conducts a diety procession with devotees dress in colourful costumes displaying their various dieties.

Sikh Temple

The Sikh temple was built by a local Sikh philanthropist in 1998 and reputedly one of the largest in Malaysia. The architecture was inspired by the Sikh “Golden Temple” in Amritsar. It offers people in need free accommodation at the temple hostel. Before entering, visitors are required to cover their heads with a piece of cloth as a sign of respect.



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