Who Are We?
We are a division of Perbadanan Labuan, the official development agency of Labuan. We are known as the tourism and Culture division. It was set up in 1997. Its objective was to facilitate the development of tourism in Labuan to its full potential.

Our parent body, Perbadanan Labuan was constituted by an act of Parliament. It is under the purview of the Minister of Finance Malaysia.

Perbadanan Labuan is charged with the task to develop Labuan in tandem with national aspirations and outlook. Its functions include the provision of physical infrastructure, tourism development, socio-economic advancement and the promotion of industry on the island. The status of Labuan as a federal territory of Malaysia further facilitates this pursuit. The island continues to receive priority funding from the federal government to carry out all planned tourism projects.

Our Mission
Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad aspires to transform Labuan into the world's most beautiful island. His vision has since been communicated as the mission statement for our division.

Development Thrusts
Our development thrusts focus on developing Labuan as an International Offshore Financial Center; a duty free port; a new tourist destination and ensuring the achievement of socio-economic goals.

Tourism Products Under the 7th & 8th Malaysia Plan
- Labuan International Sea Sports Complex
- Landscape beautification program
- Water village (Kampung Air)
- New passenger ferry terminal
- New vehicle ferry terminal
- Marine museum
- Labuan museum
- Upgrading of Labuan marine park
- Upgrading of Labuan botanical garden

Action Plan
- Identify foreign markets besides the domestic market;
- Generate global awareness.
- Re-engineer and create new tourism products such as the Water Village, Marine Museum, Marine Park, etc.
- Promote intra-trade dealings among players in BIMP-EAGA and Asia Pacific region;
- Create networking and co-operation among travel agencies in the region.
- Develop new tourism packages offering multi-destinations that include Labuan as one of the destinations.
- Share resources in the area of marketing and promotion.
- Develop Labuan as a major shopping center in BIMP-EAGA by enhancing its duty free shopping privileges and the availability of a wide range of branded goods.
- Extend the length of stay by offering more water based activities and history tours. To seek an optimal arrival and departure schedule which allow tourist to stay longer in Labuan.
- Step up international air service to and from Labuan which include special air charter and flight packages other than MAS and Air Asia.
- Continue with on-going marketing and promotion efforts in existing markets such as Brunei, Sabah, Sarawak, and Australian and British war veterans.
- Market sea based recreational activities to niche markets in East Asia such as Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore.


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