For the love of Labuan
ISBN 983-99045-1-5
First published 1996

This glossy coffee table book contains 227 pages of beautiful color prints on Labuan. It has a splendid collection on the island's culture, history, people and its economy.

The photographs are taken by You Jae Ryuk who is a renowned photographer based in Kuala Lumpur with text by Dr. Tony Lau.

This book is on sale in major bookstores in Malaysia.
Labuan Tourist and Business Guide
ISBN 983-99063-5-6
First published in 1999

This 115 pages tourist and business guide is one of the most comprehensive guides on Labuan published by Labuan Development Authority. It is a bilingual publication in English and Bahasa Melayu.

It offers a summary account of the island's climate and geography, history and culture, places of interest, leisure, dining, diving, fishing and its facilities. It contains a special section on licenses and permits, business opportunities offered by the island's duty free status and other relevant information.

This is a must read for tourists, business travelers and potential investors.

Video Documentary on Labuan
Available in English, Bahasa Malaysia, Japanese and Chinese on VHS video casette and VCD

First published in 1999

This 10 minutes video documentary on Labuan is available in English, Bahasas Malaysia, Japanese and Chinese on VHS video casette and VCD. It provides an interesting audio visual tour of the places of interests, culture and history of Labuan. It also has many underwater and wreck diving scenes.

VHS Video & VCD

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